First post since a year, sorry guys!

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Hello folks,

I had a difficult year, that is why I didn’t post anything for such a long time…I hope you will still read my posts and comments and comment on them so that we can discuss and proceed to another level when talking about this topic!

I would be pleased if

Loch Ness – a myth ain’t enough

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Hello fellows,
I’m really sorry, but I had a breakdown of my internet for one whole week, it was crappy…
Today, the first day with internet again, I’m right back on here to write my post about my visit to Loch Ness.
First of all, it was impressive, I mean, I’ve seen many large Loch’s during my Highland-Tour, but this one was the most mysterious of all. Fog, steam and silence made this experience very interesting…
And of course, my camera was ready all the time, but there was no Nessie. I was very excited, because a couple of days before my visit, some fisherman has taken pictures of two strange “hills” in the middle of the water (you can find the picture on “The Independent” – Homepage)…
I personally think that there IS something in the water, perhaps not a monster, but maybe some kind of dinosaur which survived from earlier times?
The secret won’t be released at any time, because this would destroy the myth and therefore the possibility of earning money…
Or somebody will take a picture of Nessie and can publish it without being influenced by the people who earn this money with the myth of Loch Ness !

Gardy Loo !!!

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I don’t think many of you’ve ever heard this expression before… Just a short explanation: In they early years of Edinburgh’s history, when people lived in houses seperated by narrow closes, they had a very bad quality of life. After going on the toilet, which was a simply wodden bucket, they “flushed” by spilling everything out of the window with the words “Gardy Loo!!” The origin of the words is French and comes from “garder” and “loo”.
Well, and the reason why I’ve chosen this saying is, that right now, I am in the city of myths and ghost stories, I’m in Edinburgh.
This city really is one to discover, the uncountable churches, the mysterious closes, the fog, that is coming down the old hill of Edinburgh castle…
Great possibilities of exploring new sides of religion, strange incidents, strange occurrings…
Due to the plagues back in that times, many children, even babies, died an early painful death and many myths tell us about restless ghosts haunting around in the real closes, which are still there under today’s streets underground…
I tried to see ghosts as remains of humans souls, so I link ghosts with life after death. Because of their early dead, the ghosts, let’s call them like this because of no better term, ain’t satisfiedy of the life they had and so they are still restless on their search for happiness for their endless life after death…
I don’t know if I’m alone with my interpretation of ghosts, but that’s why I’ve written about this. I just hope, that you guys will write me loads of comments with your opinions and your corrections if you don’t agree with my statement…
Hope to hear from you soon !

9/11 – a horrific day in human’s lifetime

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“New York City Policemen & Firefighters are “NOT INVITED” to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero. The Mayor claims “there isn’t room for them”…. Funnily enough, they weren’t “invited” on that fateful day in 2001 either…. THEY JUST SHOWED UP AND DID THEIR JOB!”

This are really nice lines, which perfectly fit today’s jubilee…

There was a fireman dying because one of the so-called “jumpers” was just falling right on him and breaking his neck…even though some families (mainly unfortunatly religious) of the “jumpers”, who obviously have chosen to die with an “independent” jump and not eaten up by the flames, where thinking that there way of dying was a betrayal, I don’t think that way and I really don’t understand that way of thinking…

All people who where there on 11.09.2001 to support and rescue people have my GREATEST RESPECT !!! And of course my deepest condolence toall the victim’s families who lost beloved members.

But I want to call your attention to the people who’s bodies were damaged by the cancer-causing parts of the material the towers where made of. These people are now suffering and dying from cancer, and we shouldn’t forget that !!!

I hope that this will be a quiet weekend and everybody on this planet will respect tomorrow’s memorial day and that horrible incidents like the one 10 years ago will never ever happen again !


!! a very interesting conspiracy theory !!

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Have a nice evening fellas !
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m on an England-holiday right now, exactly said I’m in Bournemouth (Dorset region) where the RAF-pilot lost his life a couple of weeks ago…
Today, I was talking to a person, who was kind of in the middle of the action, who gave me exclusively some information about the crash.
There was very shallow news given by the government, there are different and many rumours going around.
For example, people are speaking about limiting Britains population ordered by the government because otherwise it’s gonna be overpopulated, others say that it’s very interesting why one of the best pilots of the country didn’t manage to do an emergency landing and others are talking about a secret terrorist attack.
But one after the other, I will start with the one I’ve managed first.
My source was telling me, that there are rumours, that the british government itself told the secret service to manipulate the plane, that it will crash into many people (there is a big shopping mall nearby named Castlepoint). The purpose of the whole action is that Britain is facing an overpopulation and therefore goods like water will become rare if Britain’s population will grow the next couple of years…
The second one above is directly connected to the first I’ve just been talking about. Why didn’t he manage to do an emergency landing. Probably the government had manipulated, so that it wasn’t possible to steer the plane properly?? The only thing we know for sure is, that the pilot is a real hero not thinking about himself but thinking of all the people around and below him.
The last possibility would be, that terrorists where involved in this accident.
But the problem about those rumours is, that even if the government would solve this case, they won’t tell the public what really has happend. So we have think about some other ways of how it could have happend. I’m trying to get some further information here in Bournemouth to give it to you, readers of my blogs, I ensure you to be the first to know any new details from the direct source.
Please remember not everything from the papers is correct, sometimes they have to write what the government tells them.
I hope for many comments on that post !
See ya soon folks,

Hola, a new surface ?!

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Hey Ya,

I’ve got a new surface and some new widgets, as the charity widget on the right side at the top.
Please subscribe and help the “charity: water” !

“charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of public donations directly fund water projects”

Thanks in advance,

…some more philosophising…

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Hey there !

Today I’ve started my England holiday and the last couple of hourse, when I was lying in my bed, I was thinking about what comes after life? In my opinion, it’s the most difficult question to answer. Nobody knows, nobody can tell something about it, it’s difficult…

I would not say, that I’m a religious person, but I do believe in a life after death. To be very narrow-minded: it just can’t be finished after death, there must be more, something that is fullfilling!

It’s an aweful thought, that everybody who died is gone, just gone. You can’t be gone, can you? I don’t think that anything just vanishes into thin air, there must be something higher behind it.

With this short text, it would be unbelievably long if I would write down all all my thoughts, I want to start a discussion, who you guys think about life after death… What’s your opinion?

Hope to hear from you soon !